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Licensing & Contracts | DataView

SureLC is ISN's online tool to service all your insurance contracting needs - all at no cost to you! In minutes, SureLC processes appointment / contracting requests, then keeps you up-to-date, as well as storing securely your agent information, ISN appointments, E&O details and state licenses. Things you'll need:

  • - a valid license in the state of application,
  • - current proof of E&O insurance,
  • - state LTC CE AML, CE and product training
  • - download the SureLC guide here
NOTE: SureLC uses Flash - for Chrome or FireFox, right click to install/enable

DataView - ISN gives you 24/7 access to our AMS system. Review your paid cases, new business or pending apps. Did you receive a Case Memo from us? Send us online updates or notes, and our system updates real-time!

Life and Annuity Products

LifeSearch - Click here to search for life insurance information for term, universal and indexed life products, including those that also offer chronic illness/LTC benefits. Here you'll also find carrier specific information on state approvals, underwriting classes and other policy details. You can also customize your search to use your carriers of choice.

Annuity Rate Watch - ARW gives you the resources you need - link here - to access our industry-wide annuity grids. Research the latest and best rates for MYGAs, evaluate and compare index annuities, income riders and products that offer chronic illness or life benefits without underwriting.

ARW is a robust tool that helps you search by state, carrier, sort by rates and/or index strategy(ies), and caps and participation rates. Use our product search to match client goals with the best options available.

Quoting | Forms

LifePipe - Use our online tools - here - to prepare your own quotes easily and securely. Choose multiple amounts, policy terms, risk ratings, or use our guide to get a better estimate as to how carriers consider health and other issues. The next step uses your client information and proposal to begin an application real-time with carrier specific forms, QuickTickets, e-Apps, or using iGO.

NEW - HealthGuide - download our simple guide to help you ask your clients the right questions when it's time to apply.

FormBuilder - Click here for access to carrier online life and annuity application and other new business forms. Search by company, product type, and find carrier state specific application forms, all in one place and complete with other items such as exchange or replacement forms or required client or agent disclosures.

QuickTickets - e-Apps | AML and Continuing Education

Banner, American General and Protective - competitive premiums, easy applications. AG and Protective offers the e-app tool for both term and UL quotes & applications.


ExpressComplete - create custom term quotes, then submit online quickticket applications to almost a dozen term carriers

JH term and term Vitality quotes and e-app. Prior self-registration, and current contracting required.

OneAmerica's LTC life and annuity tools. Get quotes, use their online e-app - no login required!

LFG's site educates clients about LTC. Get MoneyGuard details here.

Traditional Long Term Care - link - Mutual of Omaha helps calculate long term care costs.

NIPR - site with ALL state CE requirements.
CE providers can be found next section - Links

Complete your AML training - here.

NAILBA's E & O program offers broad coverage - no membership required!

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Continuing Education

Insurance Administration
State Guarantee Associations
NAIC (State Departments of Insurance)

Industry Associations
NAIFA (National Association of Insurance & Financial Professionals)
American College
MDRT (Million Dollar Roundtable)
American Society of CLU and ChFC