Jeffrey Berson - President

Jeffrey Berson, CSA has over 28 years of experience in the evolving insurance industry, encompassing many disciplines in tax advantaged insurance and retirement planning solutions, estate planning, and expert knowledge of all fixed insurance programs in use today. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Mr. Berson began his career as a life agent with Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company of Hartford and after 9 years of personal production in the estate planning market, Jeff was ready for a change, and accepted a position with a leading marketing company in San Diego. Mr. Berson rapidly revamped the company’s training programs, using a teaching format that increased product knowledge and the use advanced marketing concepts. In addition, Mr. Berson created a new workshop marketing system that is still in use today.

Mr. Berson became President of ISN 8 years later and is now one of two successor owners and a principal of the firm. Mr. Berson has been a key developer, educator and promoter of proprietary programs. An accomplished workshop presenter, Jeff has focused his efforts on helping successful, independent agents understand complex tax-advantaged strategies and create more efficient marketing programs. ISN Network has incorporated his concepts and ideas to help their associates increase production consnsitently throughout the years in the face of many industry challenges.

In the product development arena, Mr. Berson is widely recognized as the innovator of the “IRA Rollunder” program, “Question-based Selling” and the use of concept sales to improve prodcuer productivity. Mr. Berson's workshops and training sessions have helped educate hundreds of agents in over 40 states.

Jeff Berson publishes frequently on and has hundreds of followers. We strongly recommend you visit his blog today; subscribe and receive weekly updates on industry news and other topics affecting our industry, and learn how more how to react to our changing times with meaningful and realistic comments and advice to improve your prospects for personal and professional success.

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